Highly interactive workshops designed to increase performance, engagement and career wellbeing

Our approach

  • Measurable outcomes

    Tangible, measurable outcomes are our focus, with programs that are integrated into your organisational rhythm.

  • Latest research

    Innovative approach using the latest research from neuroscience and behavioural economics to build on learning best practice.

  • Tools for embedding

    All programs include tools and templates to ensure your people put into action the content from the sessions.

  • Client context

    Workshops can be delivered as standalone sessions or as part of a broader program.



"Love your delivery Steve - always fantastic workshops; practical and useful.
Its great to get a different perspective on what development means."

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Leaders maximise development conversations

Ensure your leaders have the skills and tools to maximise development conversations with their people.

These workshops can be tailored for the experience level in the room.

  • Case studies
  • Role play content to create safe environment for leaders to practice skills
  • Coaching conversations
  • Find the why for your people to motivate and engage them
  • Understand the importance of strengths
  • Tools to identify strengths
  • How to coach to strengths

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Up to 10 people per session Discount available for multiple sessions.

Career Wellbeing – how to take care of your wellbeing at work

Wellbeing is essential to performing at our best. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to let our Career Wellbeing slip.

Career Wellbeing (one of the 5 essential elements of Wellbeing) provides a gateway to making wellbeing part of the conversation and with immediate results for team members.

  • Understand what Career Wellbeing is
  • 3 quick ways you can improve your Career Wellbeing
  • Why motivation is key
  • How expectations impact your wellbeing
  • Why resilience can be a confusing term
  • Latest research insights on steps to take

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Up to 25 people per session Discount available for multiple sessions.

Annual development planning – take ownership for the next 12 months

Individual Development Planning is more than a tick-the-box exercise. Ensure the time spent maximises the individuals and the organisation.

Help your people take ownership and develop plans that are more than simply getting budget to attend courses.

  • Practical case studies demonstrating the difference development makes
  • Strategies to make professional development a habit
  • Neuroscience of change
  • Dannemiller change formula
  • Behavioural models of development
  • Pre and post assessments for actionable leader insights

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Up to 25 people per session Discount available for multiple sessions.

Team Bootcamp – make development a team sport

Professional development provides a powerful way for a team to connect meaningfully. Often this opportunity is missed with a focus on individual activities.

Engage and motivate your people with the power of team.

  • Applying the latest insights from behavioural economics
  • Using Agile planning methodology
  • Alignment to team priorities and individual professional development priorities
  • Introduction of team planning canvas
  • Application to business-as-usual environment

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Up to 25 people per session Discount available for multiple sessions.

LinkedIn - How to use to build connections and brand for individuals and the team

Connections are critical in modern organisations. LinkedIn provides a powerful tool to build connections and build brand for influence.

Teams and organisations also benefit when individuals build connections and brand.

  • Understand how LinkedIn is used by different stakeholders
  • Understand how to add key information to LinkedIn
  • Apply strategies to use LinkedIn to build connections

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Up to 25 people per session Discount available for multiple sessions.



“The key to a successful development program is to ensure that all employees have a plan for development and clear accountabilities for making progress on their plans.”

Wellins et al - DDI Report DDI Employee Engagement 2015 - The key to realising competitive advantage

The my career habit difference


1. 'My' Motivation

Find the why to get the buy-in.

2. Identify blockers

To overcome resistance.

3. Clear first steps

To build momentum.

4. Remind & reinforce

To maintain progress.

5. Expectation shift

To make this a habit.

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