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Professional development is critical to organisation and team performance.

Discretionary effort - going that bit further for the team and organisation - is driven by engagement, and professional development is one of the most consistently cited tools available to leaders to increase engagement.

Aon Hewitt, Global Employee Engagement Trends (2011, 2015, 2017) have "career opportunities" as consistently a top three driver of employee engagement.

Increase in performance from engaged employees.

Gallup Research Study 2016, Rigoni and Asplund, research study of 1.2 million employees, 9-15% increase in employee engagement attributed to professional development.


Lack of future career and development opportunities reason for employees leaving.

CEB Global Labour Market Survey (2011 -2017) - Future career opportunities and development opportunities.


1% employee engagement improvements leads to 4% NPS improvement.

Aon Hewitt 2011 longitudinal study with Serco, found that an increase in employee engagement of 4% for teams had an increase on their customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 16%.

“The key to a successful development program is to ensure that all employees have a plan for development and clear accountabilities for making progress on their plans.

Wellins et al - DDI Report DDI Employee Engagement 2015 - The key to realising competitive advantage

The my career habit difference


1. 'My' Motivation

Find the why to get the buy-in.

2. Identify blockers

To overcome resistance.

3. Clear first steps

To build momentum.

4. Remind & reinforce

To maintain progress.

5. Expectation shift

To make this a habit.

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