Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing conference

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The importance of positive mental health for our wellbeing

There were fantastic speakers at the Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Australia conference.

I spoke at the conference and shared why conversation 💬 & connection 🔗 are so important for our wellbeing, and that career and development provide a golden opportunity to build connections. Career Wellbeing is essential to our overall wellbeing.

Watch the video above for a quick snippet from my session, and my highlights from the two days.


My highlights (and there were so many more great sessions)

From the 4th annual Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing conference:

> Dean Yates has helped to remove stigma around mental health by facilitating a culture of sharing through blogging at Reuters.

> Lucinda Brogden shared fantastic research, and didn’t mess about framing the challenge – “it isn’t about fruit bowls and yoga classes.”

> Dr Sadhbh (Sive) Joyce work – online learning RAW Mind Coach -with Firefighters NSW, and different Ambulance organisations, has had a measurable impact on the wellbeing of their people.

> Fiana Wei took us through how they managed to get a wellbeing program to stick at SA Attorney-General.

> Katherine Newton highlighted the shift of R U OK? from a once a year event to a 365 day conversation, and that R U OK? matters when people are genuine and authentic. I’ll add some links to content in the comments below.

Thanks to Wade Needham and Peter Gould ESM for hosting the two days (and for Liam Petersen for jumping in).


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Be sure to check out next year’s event

Here’s some details from 2019:

Focusing on supporting HR professionals with effective strategies to manage employee mental health and wellbeing, the 4th annual Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Australia conference (Sydney27-29 May 2019) will cover how to integrate programs into broader corporate initiatives, with a focus on prevention and intervention.
  • Integrating mental health and wellness into broader corporate health and wellness programs
  • Building mental resilience
  • Tackling stigmas around mental health
  • Enabling disclosure at work
  • Engaging prevention and early intervention tactics
  • Reducing triggers relating to stress and anxiety at work
  • Educating managers in dealing with mental health issues
  • Knowing metrics and return on investment for mental wellness initiatives
  • Evaluating the impact and effectiveness of EAPs

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