the why

Behind every achievement is your motivation – ‘your why’. It is the most powerful tool you own to help you succeed.

Understand what you want

Is anything truly worthwhile if it isn’t meaningful or doesn’t serve a purpose?

When it comes to setting personal or career goals, or leading a winning team committed to smashing its targets, the key ingredient is the why. Without a reason why, your goals are doomed to fall short in the long-run. Any improvements you make will likely fail to stick, let alone become a useful habit.

The why just might be the silver bullet: to get you motivated, to push you to improve and develop or to change.

The thing is, no one is going to hand you your why. As a manager, it isn’t your job to spell out the ‘why’ to your team. We’re each in charge of our why.

Helping you find the why


We’ve developed a range of easy-to-use resources to help you identify the motivation behind your goals. To put you in control and to make development work for you.

Our online tool is a great place to start.

Quick and easy to complete - taking just 3-4 minutes to complete - it will walk you through our approach and provide you with a 100 day career action plan, so you can make meaningful change happen.

Our approach is based on a well-known change formula. It’s more than just corporate management speak. This simple formula helps us to understand why we are resistant to change and how to overcome these barriers. You can read more about how change works.

Find the why online tool