about the founder Steve Kimmens


Change is tough

Change is tough at the best of times and career change is even harder. Believe me, I know. Hi, I’m Steve and I am an organisational change consultant.

I know from personal experience how painful career and change can be. I’ve been stuck on one side of the career chasm, not sure how to get to the other side. At the time, I couldn’t find the right resources or insights I needed to get ahead. Everything was too generic. Too soft.

It was really hard. But alongside the help and advice from family and friends, I was able to create a neat little framework of how to approach it all.

Career can be easier than we think

The thing is, I eventually realised progressing in your career doesn’t need to be nearly as difficult as we make it. I am happy to say that I’m on the other side of it now, and I’ve never felt more confident about my own career choices.

Going through this opened my eyes. Working in different organisations, I started taking notice of people with similar problems: feeling stuck with nowhere to go and unaware how to progress. I found leaders struggling to engage their people, using tired and worn-out development plans that only irritated and disengaged people further.

I realised that the framework I created is simple and effective enough for everyone to recreate. Making it a plan with small, simple steps is how I arrived at my career habit.

What I do

Every day I help leaders and organisations get their people to do something differently. And with my career habit, good habits go a long way and can make your job work for you.