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A no-nonsense approach to professional development.

my career habit helps leaders leverage the power of professional development

The current way of doing professional development doesn’t work for individuals, leaders or organisations. It’s rigid, demotivating and doesn’t let you take charge of your career.

my career habit cuts out the crap. Our methods are driven by the latest scientific thinking and the practical reality of how organisations operate and how people behave.

Below are programs we have developed for clients. How we deliver these programs depends on the unique needs of the client:

  • Face-to-face workshops

  • Leader-led sessions

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Tools and resources

  • Webinars

  • On-demand video content

  • Keynote speaking

The neuroscience of motivation and change


Are you a leader struggling to get buy-in from your teams?

This program is designed to provide participants with the key insights and tools to unlock their own motivation.

Make development plans matter


Are you a leader who believes in the power of professional development?

This program is designed to get to the true purpose of development plans and to move beyond tick-the-box compliance.

Honest development conversations


Do your leaders struggle to give development feedback that their people are crying out for?

This program gives leaders the tools and frameworks to give feedback to their people.

How to grow your career


Are you a smaller organisation with limited promotion opportunities?

This program is designed to encourage staff to seek outside opportunities and then return to the organisation.

Defining the Employee Value Proposition (EVP)


Are you a growing organisation wanting to understand your value proposition to current and future employees?

This program is designed to quickly provide leaderships teams with actionable insights for current and future employees.

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