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Power posing be more confident in your next job interview

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Who doesn’t get a bit nervous before an interview? Use power posing to feel confident.

Job interviews can be highly stressful situations. We can feel nervous and lack confidence. Power posing is a simple life hack we can use before (and during) an interview to make us feel more confident. By feeling more confident we’e got a greater chance of getting the job.

Here’s the 30 second explainer of what power posing is and how it works:

Humans make split second judgements based on body language


“When we meet someone new, we quickly answer two questions: ‘Can I trust this person?’ and ‘Can I respect this person?’.” Amy Cuddy


In an interview you want to maximise your chances by walking in and sitting down confidently.

Power posing is important because it gives you examples of what will make you confident to begin with and how to maintain that confidence.




How do I use power posing in an interview?

  • Before you arrive at the interview take 2 minutes to adopt a power pose.
  • You could choose to do this outside or maybe inside a toilet.
  • While you wait to be interviewed, you could choose to stand and maintain a relaxed confident posture.
  • As you walk into the interview, maintain eye contact and give a confident firm handshake.
  • In the interview sit upright and with an open posture.


“When our body language is confident and open, other people respond in kind, unconsciously reinforcing not only their perception of us but also our perception of ourselves.”  Amy Cuddy


Get the full details on power posing in the original TED talk from Amy Cuddy

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