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Learn how professionals have taken control of their career to live the life they want to lead

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A new guest each week

Each week I interview professionals to share my career habit – the experiences, skills and insights that have helped professionals to make their job work for them.

Sharing the career stories of successful professionals

These guests are normal people who have successfully crafted careers that fulfill them through hardwork and determination. Their lived experiences are shortcuts you can use and demonstrate how to create a career pathway that works for you.

They aren’t ego driven billionaires with rockets that go to space for a few minutes.

These are people who have career habits and insights you can immediately draw on to help your own career – or maybe share with someone else to help them.

Their career stories are real and raw – this is my career habit.


The host has a casual style of discussion while still maintaining a structure and flow. It's reassuring to know some of the concerns I have in my own career are felt by others.

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Season 1

Episode 2 - Rob Wilkins

Rob Wilkins is a highly experienced leader in learning & development, information management systems and data analytics.

Episode 1 - Erica Hughes

Erica Hughes is the Managing Director & Founder of Slendier (a global health food company).


Career stories matter

They’re how human beings have shared information for thousands of years.

The my career habit podcast shares the career stories that matter to professionals in corporate life. The career stories that have shaped how they have achieved their ambitions and the valuable lessons they have learnt along the way.