New job questions to build your network

New job questions to ask to build your network

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New job questions are designed to help you overcome the biggest challenge you face in your new role – not having an internal network.

The greatest weakness a new starter has is not knowing people in the organisation. Building a network is a key priority when you start a new job.

These new job questions are designed to focus on your internal customers. Unlock these relationships by finding out what is important to them. As a result of asking these questions you’ll quickly grow and deepen your connections.

New job questions to ask

These new job questions are examples you can use to help you network. These are specifically designed when you are engaging key stakeholders or influencers to help you build credibility quickly. You’ll notice that they focus on the person you are speaking to, to identify what is important to them.

It is up to you which questions you want to use and how you want to use them. The great thing of starting somewhere new, is that you get to ask questions which you might not normally be able to ask. As a result you are bringing a fresh perspective and these questions help to demonstrate that.

  • What is your team measured on?
  • What are your key priorities in the next 6 months?
  • Are you facing challenges where we might be able to help?
  • Are their opportunities for us to partner to achieve our priorities?
  • What have you seen work successfully here?
  • How can we work together effectively?
  • Is there a good way for us to communicate? Does a regular meeting work?
  • What would you like to see improved?
  • Are there leaders who have a similar outlook and are worth reaching out to?
  • Are there politics I need to watch out for?
  • Who is worth reaching out to to get their perspective? Can you connect the two of us?
  • Are there any upcoming events I should be aware of?
  • Who on my team is delivering really effectively?

Case study: How can we deliver a better outcome for your business?

Mohammed joined a large corporate organisation in an internal project function.

His first move was to reach out to different business units and ask the simple question:

How can we deliver a better outcome for your business?

It might be obvious, but most people don’t ask. Focus on your internal customers. Discover what makes them tick. Find out what is important to them.

The question is a great start. To truly build trust and credibility, you need to do what these stakeholders suggest. Going out asking questions, listening to what your told, and acting on it, takes you to the next level.

Who you know is critical to your success in your new job

To be successful in your new role you are going to need to build allies, make friends and have broad connections.

When you are new you don’t have easy access to a network of people you have worked with.

As a result that means you need to prioritise meeting people and building trust with them quickly.

These new job questions are a way to help you connect, to grow and expand your network.

Use our new job 100 day plan to keep you on track

We have a free new job 100 day plan template you can use to make sure you hit the ground running in your new role.

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