new job 100 day template

New job 100 day plan template

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Make a great first impression and set yourself up for success with our new job 100 day plan template.

New job 100 day plan template helps you to be your best when you start your new role. You’ve got the job you wanted, updated your CV, got through the rounds of interviews and now the hard work is over, you can actually get on with the job you want to do. Make sure you take advantage of what a new job provides you – a fresh start and progress towards your career goals.

A new job presents a great opportunity for a reset. You arrive fresh and ‘clean’. Generally, you don’t need to bring any of the baggage from your previous role. You have the chance to be the ‘you’ you wanted to be in your last role.

However, stuff can quickly get in the way. BAU may take over really quickly or you might be plunged into fighting fires. You might even decide to carry all of your heavy baggage from your previous role, into your new role.


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The purpose of the new job 100 day plan template

Focus on what you can control. Feeling anxious about a new role is natural, use this plan to put yourself in control.

The plan is designed to focus you in on the buckets of activity that we often downplay when we start a new role.

Remember, your success at work isn’t about the work you do.

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my career habit’s top new job tips

  1. It’s not what you know, but who you know (and how well you know them)

To be successful in your new role you are going to need to build allies, make friends and have broad connections. Otherwise known as networking. If that gives you a cold shiver, get over yourself, I’m sure you have friends and know people. Apply the same approach to getting to know people at work, but make it a priority.

  1. The first thing you do should be great, it will be the thing people remember

It is difficult to shift first impressions. You got the job, so you made a good first impression. Now you need to do that in the new gig, that means making sure the first thing you do is something great. If people see you do something great, they’ll assume that you are great.

  1. Manage and set expectations

Expectations are crucial in a role. Be 100% clear on your manager’s expectations. Success will be judged by your manager. People are often terrible communicators, find out what your manager wants and deliver it. Don’t wait for your manager to tell you what they want.

Be careful that you don’t set the wrong expectations about yourself. Avoid working long hours to begin with. Working long hours says “I work hard,” but it will quickly become the norm. If you begin with twelve hour days, you will have nowhere to go to demonstrate that you are working harder.


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Next: Support your plan with these stakeholder questions

New job questions to build your networkThe next step is to prepare for meetings with your key stakeholders and influencers.

The greatest weakness a new starter has is not knowing people in the organisation. Building a network is a key priority when you start a new job.

Use these new job questions to help you build and deepen connections quickly.