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How to motivate a member of your team

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Having difficulty motivating a team member to own their development?

At my career habit we’re constantly hearing the complaint from leaders that people won’t own their development. The challenge is finding a way to motivate team members. We’ve developed a conversation kit for leaders to use to help them unlock the missing link of motivation.

Get their buy-in

Use our conversation kit to find the why for your report so they can see the value of their professional development.

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Revealing the motivation to act

Use this conversation kit to prepare for a development conversation. Help your team member reveal the ‘why’ for themselves to motivate them to change and develop.

People need a motivating reason to develop. The ‘why’. To truly motivate someone it needs to be their ‘why’.

The why is driven by someone’s vision and what is dissatisfying them. As a leader, you can help your team members to tune into this why to motivate them to invest in their development.

Ultimately, the motivation to focus on development is an intrinsic drive. It is difficult, if not impossible to force it on someone. The conversation kit is designed to help you as a leader motivate a team member by revealing their why to them.


Understand the formula for change

Having a clear why is a key step in someone changing the status quo.

Change formula

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