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Manager expectations in your new job

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Are you assuming what your manager expects?

Manager expectations are key to your success. Ultimately, your manager determines how successful you are. They do that based on what they expect, this may be different to your KPIs and what is in your job description. When starting a new role, you want to make sure you have clarity on what those expectations are and regular check-ins to ensure you are on track.

Your manager may be a poor communicator.

In my career habit’s 100 day new job plan template, being on track with your manager’s expectations is the focus of the second month.


Interview process

Hopefully, in the interview process you asked your manager what their expectations were.

And they may have honestly told you.

Unfortunately, just because you asked and just because they told you, doesn’t mean those expectations have been explicitly and clearly communicated to you.

That means you need to make sure you are regularly checking-in and getting clarity on those expectations.


Make sure you take ownership for your manager’s expectations

We know that understanding and delivering to your manager’s expectations is key to your success in your new job.

If your manager hasn’t checked-in with you in your new role, you are going to need to check-in with them and see how your progress is from their perspective.

The trick to this, is not to appear needy, unsure or weak. Don’t ask lots of questions.

Treat this like a Sherlock Holmes detective mystery.

If your manager isn’t being clear then you are going to need to look for clues that indicate what they are looking for.


Three top tips:

1. Use your manager’s language

Listen carefully to how your manager describes things at work and copy that language.It will be easier for them to hear their own words.

2. Give them what they want

People can fall into the trap of wanting to be clever or imaginative. More often than not that means you aren’t meeting your manager’s expectations.

Deliver exactly what they ask and you will be a star.

3. What are the high performers in the team doing?

Look for the members of the team who are the stars. What are they doing that the manager likes?


Manager expectations: Key to your success

Would you like to get your bonus? How about a promotion? Or what about an interesting assignment?

All of these are either determined by your manager or heavily influenced by them. Give them what they want and that will get you closer to what you want.


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