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Leadership habit recognise progress of your team

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Secret to a motivated and engaged team? Recognising progress.

A leadership habit that will transform how your team performs.


Recognising the progress that your team is making.

How many leaders do it?

How many leaders get bogged down in what’s going wrong and what fires need to be put out?


What leaders can do – recognise progress


“What managers can do is not develop elaborate incentive schemes, but help people recognize their progress, shine a light on that progress, recognize it in front of other people, celebrate that progress, help people stay on a path toward making progress.”
Dan Pink, Harvard Business Review


And that’s based on a Harvard Business School study:


“A close analysis of nearly 12,000 diary entries, shows that making progress in one’s work — even incremental progress — is more frequently associated with positive emotions and high motivation than any other workday event.”
Professor Teresa Amabile , Harvard Business Review


How to build the habit


Keep a track in the back of your notepad or a note in your phone for each time you recognise progress for individual team members.

That doesn’t mean doing it everyday for the sake of doing it. It means when there is real progress, say it to their face, and say specifically what has taken place:


“Louise you have made great progress on this project. The stakeholder has been resistant to working with the team, but because you have taken the time to engage and build trust, they are now attending our meetings and responding to emails.”


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