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Start making development work for you and your team.

Conversation kit: Get to the why


Having difficulty getting a team member to own their development?

Use this conversation kit to prepare for a development conversation. Help your team member reveal the ‘why’ for themselves to motivate them to change and develop.

People need a motivating reason to develop. The ‘why’. To truly motivate someone it needs to be their ‘why’.

Mindset shift: 5 step team change plan template


Leader plan to make development work for your team

5 step approach to shift underlying attitudes and behaviours to development using the Dannemiller Change Formula.

Use the template to identify what activities you will complete to shift the team to development.

Read more about the Change Formula approach I use.

Development plan: Make the first steps clear and simple


Development plans are a really useful tool when they breakdown how to develop into simple steps.

To overcome resistance, people need clear first steps..

Asa a leader you can work with your team to build out what these steps will be to enable them to develop.

I work with leaders and organisations to make development work.

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