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Motivate and excite your people with a keynote from Steve Kimmens.

Fatigue and cynicism are rife in organisations. Professionals have tuned out – even when it is in their interests to tune in.

You need a way to get cut-through for your team, department or organisation.

Get your people to sit up and take note – get them to take ownership of their professional development with a keynote that gets them to develop my career habit.

“I liked the discussion on how people feel about their careers and the new views on how to understand the reasons behind it.

And then the practical advice how to get much more control over it and the encouragement to an action, very useful!

I had a really good time with great mates openly sharing their opinions and concerns. Thanks again!”Pavol Kasuba – Senior Data Scientist, Atlassian

Steve is a facilitator, speaker, improviser, stand-up comedian, and actor.

He draws on all of those skills to get your people over the barriers holding them back from using professional development to advance themselves and the organisations.

Steve's keynote topic

Steve is an expert in getting people to think differently.

Using insights from organisational and behavioural change, psychology and neuroscience to help professionals take control of their development.

And that’s the key – people have to choose to take control, they can’t be forced.

That means peeling back the mindset and habits holding professionals and giving them a fresh perspective on their career.

Steve’s presentation on my career habit is the way to unlock the door to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

“More than anything it was his attitude that had the biggest impact on me – he has a very positive and proactive approach to career strategy and it inspired me to think more carefully about the next 5 years.”Lottie S. – Westpac Group

If you want to re-engage your people – get them connected back to why they are in the role and how they can grow in the role then this is the keynote for you.

Steve draw’s on a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering change in organisations – how to get people to do something different.

This isn’t limited to your high performers or your new starters. This is for everyone.

Anyone can take these mindset and habit shortcuts to make a real difference to their everyday working life.

Change the conversation at work so everyone is talking about professional development and career.

Your people will walk out with clear practical next steps, equipped with tools and insights that they can apply for the year ahead, then this is the keynote for you.

Steve Kimmens Keynote Speaker and Facilitator in action Ignite Sydney 2018
“Steve Kimmens thanks for facilitating such an engaging session. It was great to explore some new perspectives.”Danielle Webster - Associate Director, Changeworks
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