Job Application Diagnostic Tool

Job Application Diagnostic

Improve your chances of getting the job you want by completing a job application diagnostic. The Job Application Diagnostic tool provides a simple framework to review your application.

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Am I ticking the boxes for the job application?

Your job application should tick as many of the boxes of the job advertisement as possible.

The more you tick, the more likely you are to pass through the filters to get a job interview.

The application diagnostic is a simple framework to:

  1. Highlight to you what the employer is looking for (hint: it is in their job ad)
  2. Demonstrates whether you can prove you tick all of the boxes
  3. Have a computer provide an objective view to make sure you aren’t cheating yourself

The job ad tells you what an employer wants

The job ad is your paint by numbers tool to get you passed the first filter.

The job advertisement and role description tells you what the recruiter is looking for.


CV template from my career habit

Once you have completed the Job Application Diagnostic use our CV template to complete your application.