How to write a resignation letter

How to write a resignation letter

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How to write a resignation letter

How to write a resignation letter and send it by email. Leave your role professionally, so you maintain your network and continue to build your brand.

For more details on leaving a job read our 5 essentials steps to resigning from a job.

Talk to your manager first before sending the email

A conversation is always better than an email. Especially if your email is covering a tricky topic.

Think of the resignation letter as the final follow-up once you have spoken to your manager.

If you really can’t speak to them first, then look at an informal email before using this more formal template.


Content to cover in your resignation letter

The key content to cover in your resignation letter:

  • You are resigning.
  • The date you will be finishing – this is something you have confirmed with your manager already.
  • Something positive about the role and/or company.

Depending on your organisation you might need to send this to Human Resources as well as your direct line manager.

The resignation email doesn’t need to be long. The technicalities around leave balances and final payments can be covered directly with HR.


Keep it positive

Avoid negativity in your resignation letter. If you really need to capture this in writing, send the negative feedback separately.

The opportunity to provide feedback is in your exit interview. It is always tricky to know whether you should provide honest feedback in these sessions. Unfortunately, I would often say that this can be self-defeating. Read about this in 3 common mistakes to avoid when resigning from a job.

If you have serious allegations to make, then talk to Human Resources.


Resignation letter template

Subject: Confirming resignation on XX/XX/XX [generally the date you are sending this email] with final day [to be confirmed or XX/XX/XX]

Hi [manager name],

Please accept this email as confirmation of my resignation, as we discussed today.

We are in the process of finalising my final day. Or My final day has been confirmed as XX/XX/XX.

I really appreciate the opportunities that you have provided, especially XX and YY. I have enjoyed working for ZZ and hope that there will be future opportunities with the organisation.

I will speak to our HR team to confirm final pay and leave balances.

Many thanks,

[Your name]


Prepare for your next role with our 100 day plan for your new job, read our 5 essentials steps to resigning from a job. and avoid these 3 common mistakes when resigning from a job.


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