how to make professional development work

Hint: Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome isn't going to work.

The my career habit difference

Applying the science of change


To deliver effective need you need to understand how individuals and organisations work. Change is really hard to deliver effectively, the status quo is almost always easier to stick with. my career habit is rooted in organisational change and behavioural science.

Our change approach explains how we make change happen.

Elegant simplicity of small steps


Long term shifts require momentum, building momentum takes time and is easily sabotaged by time consuming and complex activities.

Real change comes from people slowly building confidence to shift their deep attitudes and perspectives.

Frank conversations about development


Development has been built-up as an impossible and time consuming task in the majority of people's minds.

Myths and stories of the futility of development.

To cut-through we have to have honest conversations about development and about what individuals and teams can really achieve in organisations.

Team sport, not just individuals


Development is the engine of high performance. It has been turned into a secret conversation rather than something openly discussed in a team to drive everyone forward.

Use the power of the group mind to overcome development hurdles and encourage the team to give each other a helping hand.

Applying agility to development


Apply the latest insights from agile ways of working to get the benefits of development for the team.

Development doesn't require piles of documents, it requires accountability and clarity of what needs to be done.

Leveraging what an organisation has to offer


my career habit doesn't replace what an organisation already has to offer for development. Rather than recreate an existing development program, re-frame what is available.

The difference is getting people to understand and recognise the opportunities presented to them for development.

Ongoing support because change takes time


Change takes time. We all have the best of intentions of sticking with something, but life happens.

Use our different individual programs to make the change stick.

Change is hard (really hard). Understand our approach to change.

5 step approach

Want to start immediately, here are some tools you can use.

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