Highly career resilient professionals prepared for the unexpected

Highly career resilient professionals are prepared for the future

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Career resilience is your ability to bounce back from shocks to your job and career.

What does high career resilience look like?

Changing role or organisation isn’t something to be scared of.

First of all, highly career resilient professionals aren’t scared of going for an interview because they see change as an opportunity to grow and learn.

They have the confidence from past experiences of change to look for opportunities to change teams and roles.

Building relationships with leaders.

Highly career resilient professionals have built strong relationships with leaders because they know that leaders make decisions that impact their career.

Not just their direct manager, but their manager’s manager and the cohort of senior that sit above them.

Personal rapport builds strong relationships. They know that starting a conversation in a lift or a corridor is the way to begin to build a connection.

Staying connected to former colleagues and leaders.

Highly career resilient professionals stay connected to people they’ve worked with because they know the value of a network of people built on a foundation of trust.

That means catching-up for a coffee or a beer every now and again.

It is easy for them because they intentionally build strong relationships at work with people they like.

Development is something they own and control.

Highly career resilient professionals keep updating their skills because they know growing your skills is a way to stay motivated and engaged in your job.

They aren’t waiting for someone to tell them what to learn or how to learn it.

Learning something new empowers you to move forward.


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How do you become a highly career resilient professional?

First, take our Career Resilience Assessment to find out your level.

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