being over 50 and finding a new job is tough

Being over 50 and finding a new job is tough

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Finding a job as an older worker is tough. Ageism is rife.

You’ve probably heard it all before:

  • the younger competition,
  • concerns about investing time and
  • resources into someone so close to retirement,
  • questions about your ability to keep up with new technologies.

While these barriers are real, and do make finding your next job difficult, they aren’t impossible to overcome.

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7 ways to maximise your chances.

Full disclosure: it’s going to take some work to find the right job when you’re over 50. A job isn’t going to fall into your lap.

The good news is we have designed a 7-step guide that will help you overcome these barriers in an easy-to-use, systematic way.

Work your way through:

  1. Targeting the right roles and organisations
  2. Analysing the job market
  3. Refining your personal brand
  4. Building relationships with new and existing networks
  5. Developing new skills
  6. Preparing for interviews
  7. Learning from knock-backs

Case study: Darren was a telecommunications engineer who was made redundant at 56.

“I was quite happy to be made redundant, but I knew I wanted to get back into the workforce” explains Darren.

“The engineering jobs I had were disappearing so I was looking for a new job.”

“My background was in technical training and that’s the area I decided to pursue. I enjoyed that line of work and had a lot of experience in that space, although it was over 15 years ago.”

Taking a step backwards to go forwards.

“I applied for a lot of roles and didn’t really get anywhere” explains Darren.

“I spoke to one recruiter about a training role. A few months later they got in touch with me about a coordinator role in a government agency. I was then able to get in on a temporary contract, I worked there for 6 months before applying for other training roles. This gave me the relevant recent experience and that made my previous experience come to life.”

“I was able to get a senior role in a learning and development team. It was a huge achievement from where I was 18 months earlier without a role or any progress on different job applications.”

“Looking back at that period, I didn’t focus hard enough on my personal brand. Finding a job as an older worker is tough, you need to ensure your personal brand is neatly lined-up to the work you want to do to help you overcome the barriers.”

Get help now with our easy to follow guide

Understand the steps you need to take to overcome the barriers you face.

Download the free guide now

Are you struggling to get job interviews?

A recent study conducted by Steven Lindner of The WorkPlace Group in Florham Park, New Jersey, of 1,000 similar résumés indicated that the top predictor of candidates selected for an interview were those with the most relevant, current and continual work experience. Lindner said it’s best not to list every job you’ve had for the past 35 years on your résumé, but instead to focus on the past 10 years of relevant experience.
CNBC – How to land a great job when you are over 50

Check out this free tool to score your CV or resume against the job description.

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  2. i am finding it hard to find a job i was made redundant and have had a few casual jobs in between at times i feel hope less after nearly forty years of experience in various industries and trades and i an now 57 trying to be positive which is a struggle at any given day it make me wonder whats left in my life and how can i move forward

    1. Post

      Hi Mick, the good and bad news is that your experience isn’t unusual. What’s good about that, is that people in your position can find really good jobs, the challenge it isn’t easy to do and it takes time to make it happen.

      Do you follow English football? Harry Kane is Tottenham’s striker and his mindset to missing goals is “belief that if one chance was missed then it only made him more likely to score from the next such opportunity”. What’s interesting with Kane is the number of chances he tries to score from, the volume is a key driver of him scoring goals.

      That doesn’t mean you should apply for lots of jobs – that’s a trap people fall into. It’s about having the resilience to get through these tough times and then the tenacity to push ahead with the roles/industries you are targeting on purpose.

      What you want to create is a plan with maybe 3 types of job you are targeting and methodically finding ways into those areas. The biggest thing you can do is build your network in these industries and/or professions. Connections will get you over the blockers around age.

      If you download the free guide, it will help to take you through that process. The guide also has a case study of a guy who has gone through a similar challenge to you, it took him a year to find a role.

      I hope that helps,


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