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CV Template Australia

Use our free Australian CV template to get your next interview.

The job of your CV is to get you an interview, use this easy to complete CV template to get your foot in the door.

The standard CV template is designed for roles in large organisations in Australia. Feel free to modify and adapt to tailor for the role you are applying for.


Your CV should tick the boxes the employer is looking for, make sure the key information they’re looking for is easy to see.


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Every CV must have the following key elements

  1. Introducing who you are – in the context of the job you are applying for
  2. Key skills – effectively the key skills highlighted in the job ad
  3. Role experience – who you have worked for
  4. Achievement highlights from your roles – your job history, tailored to the role
  5. Education and qualifications – generally university degree onwards and relevant professional qualifications
  6. References – if you have recommendations on your LinkedIn profile, add the link here, and say that references will be available upon request


Download our free Australian CV Template

Give your job application a head start with our free template designed for the Australian job market.

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The first page is critical

  • Your first page should summarise all of the key information about you and why they should interview you. The rest of the CV provides the backup information, which they might read when they come to interview you.
  • It is unlikely that your CV will be read cover to cover, at most the first review will skim through your first page, so all of your key information needs to jump out.
  • Remember, a CV will only get you a job interview. It isn’t a document that needs to provide your exact history, it is a sales document to help frame how your experience applies to the role you are interested in.
  • The introduction, your key skills and your experience summary should all fit on the first page.
  • If education and qualifications are your strong suit, then pull these to the front page.

Australian CV should be a minimum of 4 pages

For most mid-level roles in Australia there is an expectation that you will have sufficient experience to fill 4 pages.


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Use our template to get your next job interview.

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Your CV should give the employer exactly what they are looking for.

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