Choose your career goals

Get comfortable with where you are going

Your career goals are your ticket to success

Making career decisions becomes much easier when you are clear on where you're going. At my career habit we recommend writing down what you would like in 5 years time - career and personal.

Careers change and people do, too. We’re not asking you to become a clairvoyant. We believe that defining your career goals will be your ticket to success. It’s a lot easier than you think and we’ve got a template to make it even easier.

Money: How much do you want to earn?

Doing a job you love is great, but ultimately we need money to put bread on the table. Having a ballpark idea of how much money you want or need, is a great start for framing your career decisions.


Time: How much time do you want to spend on work?

Do you want to work 40 hour weeks, doing 9 to 5 and going home to spend time on other activities? Do you want to work 60+ hours on something you love?


The job itself: What is the work you want to do?

There's stuff you like doing and stuff you don't like doing. Often it is to do with the people around you at work and what your company actually does.

Case study: Louise leaving a small consulting firm

Louise had worked in a large organisation as an analyst before joining a small consulting firm. She enjoyed the opportunity to be working on lots of different clients and projects. After two years, she has found her career stagnating. She has decided that she wants to kick start her career, so that in five years time she has created more opportunities for herself.

1. Money - she believes she can earn more than she currently earns, and while she wants to maximise her income, this is not the priority.
2. Time - she wants to be in a position where she can normally work 40 hour weeks - the small consulting firm could really ramp up the hours.
3. The job itself - this is the big one for Louise. She is looking to build a specialist skillset to give herself the independence to choose who she works for. The next five years are about building this expertise and, just as importantly, building her personal brand.

Make capturing your goals easy with our template


Praise for my career habit

“It inspired me to think more carefully about the next 5 years rather than simply the next job”LS Sydney