Change is difficult to achieve

Help yourself to change by understanding the mechanics of how change works.

Use a change formula to get a grasp on what you need to do

At my career habit we believe simplifying concepts is key to people being able to use them. Change is a great example of this principle. We use the Dannemiller Change Formula as the basis for our insights, tools and programs for individuals and leaders to make development work. The reason we use the Change Formula is because it provides a window on how to overcome the resistance to change, and, more importantly, a perspective for individuals to help them understand their own resistance.

The Change formula.

D x V x F > R

Key insight: Dissatisfaction x Vision x First steps needs to be greater than Resistance to change the status quo.

What does that mean in practice?

Firstly, you need to understand your why, the reason for change. If you understand what is motivating you to change you have a much higher likelihood of sticking with he change, overcoming the status quo.

The Change Formula explains the why as what our dissatisfaction is and what our vision is.

Learn more about the why of change to make development work for you and the free tool we have developed to help you articulate your own personal why.

The next step is to literally take our first steps. Professional development first steps are building out our goals and development plan. The my career habit find the why tool provides you with a template goals and development plan to help you take your first steps.

First steps are often overlooked because we assume they are obvious. If we don't take our first steps, and continue taking steps we will lose momentum and fail to overcome resistance.

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