Change is hard (really hard)

Find out what matters to your people and help them take their first steps.

Change is hard (really hard).

To really develop, you need to choose to do it.You can't do it for your people, what you can do is help them to engage with development again and overcome the barriers that are holding them back.

To make it work you have to start by cutting the corporate crap.

People are desensitised to the rhetoric, you need to connect with them again about development.

Being honest with your people will wake them up and help to focus them on what matters.

I've found the Dannemiller Change Formula really helpful in framing what team's and individuals need to do to overcome resistance to development.

The Change formula.

D x V x F > R

Vision x Dissatisfaction x First steps needs to be greater than Resistance to change the status quo.

Applying the Change Formula with your team.

Below is a 5 step approach I use with teams to help them get the benefits of development in their organisation. Remember, this is not about replacing what the organisation has to offer. It is giving the team the ability to leverage what is available to them.

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