career skills

Skills that matter and get you ahead.

Focus your limited development time.

Most organisations have a compulsory development plan that needs to be completed every year. Imagine if that plan was practical and useful. Imagine if you developed career skills that helped you reached your goals.

Stop imagining and start developing those skills. We've got free tools, templates and articles for you on reaching your goals, finding a job and developing your career skills.

Networking. Presenting. Personal brand.

Three skills that have nothing to do with the quality of your work or how many hours you put in, but are absolutely critical to your success. Three things that we can absolutely help you with, discover the career skill to focus on with the find the why tool.

Reach your goals.

Goals matter, but working out your goals can cause anxiety and frustration.

A great place to start is using the find the why tool to get a free goals canvas tailored to what you want.

Not convinced? Read this article about why career goals are important and will help you get what you want.

Have you been told that you should have a passion? Read this article explaining why finding your passion can be a distraction from what you want.

Find a job.

Finding a role can be frustrating, make it easier on yourself with my career habit's easy to use tools and practical insights to apply.

Be clear on what employers want with the job application diagnostic tool.

Have you been looking for a job for a while? You might be in the 7 stages of unemployment desperation, discover what you can do to get out off the rollercoaster.

Find out why updating your LinkedIn profile could be the easiest way to a new job.

Develop your skills.

Developing your skills can be overwhelming. How do you decide what skills to focus on? Where should you invest your time and effort? Make it easier on yourself with my career habit's easy to use tools and practical insights.

Taking one small step a week will make a huge difference to your career, understand the power of career compound interest.

Development plan's can work if they're practical and based around the next steps you are going to take.

Career compound interest