Career coaching FAQs

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Here’s some answers to questions I get asked about my career habit’s career coaching

If you’re question isn’t listed below, send an email.

1. How much does the session cost?

A 60 minute session costs $345.00 including GST (Australian dollars).

This includes all online career assessments, and the action plan & insights report sent to you following the session.


2. How do I know if you’re the right coach for me?

Book a free 20 minute introductory call to find out.


3. How many sessions should I expect?

I follow the principle of ‘ teach someone to fish’ – giving you the skills to do it yourself.

This is your journey, I’m not here to do it for you. I am here to help you find shortcuts and accelerate your progress.

Some people find one session gets them moving in the right direction, others find they want a bit more help with 2 or 3 sessions to get some momentum up.


4. Where do you coach?

We can connect on Google Hangout or Zoom online from anywhere in the world.

If you’re based in Sydney or Melbourne, then we may be able to have the session in-person.


5. How do I pay?

We accept all major credit or debit card payments, payment is completed at the time of booking.


6. What is your availability?

Availability is available online for you to find a suitable timeslot.


7. Will you tell me what to do?

I’m here to help you, but it’s your life and it is up to you what you decide to do.

Based on the online career assessment I’ll play back to you what you are looking for and we’ll work through what matters to you.

We can then look at how you can get what you want.

I will provide my suggestions on what I think is realistic and different options available to you.


Read more about the career coaching we offer professionals.


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