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Why Career Brand matters for our Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Workplace

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Career Brand is a key tool for leaders to use to improve the wellbeing and mental health of their people and teams at work. Career Brand is the shortcut to improving wellbeing at work because it activates key drivers of positive workplace wellbeing.


For instance, empowering people to craft and design their Career Brand gives them control and purpose in the workplace. Not only does Career Brand unlock a greater sense of control, but it also provides people with a way of recognising the great work that they do and the value that they add to their colleagues, team and broader organisation. A clear sense of the contribution someone makes is a key driver of wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.

In addition, Career Brand helps with connection and collaboration. Loneliness is a key challenge for wellbeing and mental health across society, not just at work. A cause of loneliness is not feeling truly understood. Career Brand provides a way to give people the tools to identify their skills and the contribution they make, and a pathway to express that to make connections and feel understood in the workplace.

Use Career Brand as your shortcut to improve wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.



Career Brand provides a way to take control of our work environment


We know the importance of having a sense of control over our work environment to improve our wellbeing and mental health.


“Research indicates that having little discretion over how work gets done is associated not only with poorer mental health but also with higher rates of heart disease. What’s more, the combination of high work demands and low job control significantly increases the risks of diabetes and death from cardiovascular causes. Even relatively small changes in worker autonomy can make a difference in employee wellbeing. “

7 Strategies to Improve Your Employees’ Health and Wellbeing – Harvard Business Review 2021


Career Brand provides a way for us to take control of our career. Often people avoid career conversations because career seems so complex and challenging to tackle. Career Brand provides a simple and clear approach to defining who we are in an organisation, which begins to unlock what we need to do for our career, and most importantly, how we can be more effective in the workplace.



A clear purpose is crucial for our Wellbeing and Mental Health at work


A clear purpose or a goal is key to engaging us in the work we do – the why. There are many ways we can approaching finding the why.

Career Brand provides a way for us to quickly identify the contribution we make and why we come to work everyday. Once we identify our unique selling point (USP) or our superpower we are linked back to our purpose or goal that drives us.


New directions in goal setting

A goal, once accepted and understood, remains in the periphery of consciousness as a reference point for guiding and giving meaning to subsequent mental and physical actions.

Locke and Latham, New directions in goal-setting theory, Current Directions in Psychological Science, 2006


We may already have a clear purpose or goal that helps to maintain and sustain our wellbeing and mental health. Career Brand then becomes a way to reinforce the clarity we have.



Career Brand is a way to unlock recognition in the workplace to improve Wellbeing and Mental Health


Recognition is key to engagement and motivation for people because we want to feel that our work matters and is making a difference. Undoubtedly it can be difficult to get the recognition we need to operate effectively at work. Career Brand provides a way for us to recognise for ourselves what we do and how we contribute. Since we do this for ourselves it opens the door for others to recognise what we offer.


“The #1 reason most people leave their jobs is a lack of recognition.”

How full is your bucket – Gallup


When we have clarity on what our Career Brand is, we unquestionably have clarity on our contribution to our colleagues, team and organisation. We recognise the value that we add, why we are in the role that we’re in. This is the key stepping stone we need to recognise the contribution that we make. Once we do this and can share our Career Brand with others, it opens the door to others recognising what we do and the value we add.

Career Brand sets off a cycle of recognition that improves wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. We just need that first step to make it happen.



Connection is key Wellbeing and Mental Health and Career Brand is our shortcut


Career Brand provides a way to give people the tools to identify their skills and the contribution they make. It provides a pathway to express who they are to make connections and feel understood in the workplace. These career skills and career habits are crucial to overcome loneliness in the workplace.


“Loneliness occurs when the quality of our relationships are felt to be inadequate. It can occur even if we are surrounded by people, as well as when we are socially isolated.”

Australian Coalition to End Loneliness


Loneliness is bad for our physical, mental and emotional health. It leads to increases in blood pressure, anxiety increases and rates of depression increase. Work is no different. If we want a high performing team, we need a team that’s connected.

Find out more about the impact of loneliness at work and what you can do to help people to connect.


Career Brand helps us to unlock the value of connecting with our colleagues

Networking is key to making organisations work because to navigate complex organisations and get things done. We need to be able to reach out to people we know. These connections are empathically the heartbeat of any organisation. Surprisingly, networking is often something people avoid at work through the fears and myths associated. A clear Career Brand helps to make down these barriers.

Career Brand gives people the tools to be able to internally network successfully. We know there’s benefits to doing this because the more connected we are the more effective we are at collborating. Not only this, but the more visible we are than the more likely we to create opportunities.

Visibility leads to opportunity - video thumbnail


Career Brand is the shortcut you need to make a real difference at work


In summary, Career Brand is the tool and content to make a real difference for your people. It is a clear and simple approach that undoubtedly opens the paths we need to improve wellbeing and mental health.


Improve Wellbeing in your Workplace with Career Brand

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