age or application stopping job interview

Is it your age or application stopping job interviews?

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Age might just be a number, but it can be a number that blocks you from getting job interviews.

One way you can see if it is your age or application that is stopping your from getting job applications is to run your CV or resume through an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Check your application to see if it is stopping you from getting job interviews and then use our seven step guide to get a job as an older worker.


Ageism is real, but it isn’t always the reason that you aren’t getting job interviews.


Ageism is real and is a reason why older workers don’t get job interviews.

It isn’t the only reason.

Most people struggle with tailoring their CV or resume for the job they are applying for. There is a common misconception that my application should detail my life history and the recruiter or manager will find the relevant information for the role. Unfortunately, most people are time poor and will only spend a few seconds reviewing your application. If you don’t match up, you don’t get through the door.

The question you need to ask yourself, am I tailoring my application so I am a perfect fit for the role?


Applicant tracking systems and their role in the hiring system

Lots of large organisations use ATS to screen applications. An ATS is a bot that scans your CV or resume and compares it to the job ad. It is looking for keywords that match the keywords in the advertisement.

That means you really need to make sure you match up to the ad, otherwise you may not pass the first hurdle.


Gives you an opportunity to check your application

The great news is that services exist for you to check your application, using a version of an ATS.

One of those services is based out of North American,

You copy your CV or resume (don’t include your name), paste it in one box, and then paste the job description into the other box. Untick the box that asks to keep your CV on record, and then you can instantly see the results.

By checking your resume against the job description you can see if your age or application is stopping you from getting job interviews.

Our guess would be that you can improve your CV or resume so it is more tailored for the job you are applying for. Use our CV template to help structure your work history.

Unfortunately, age will often be a factor. Maximise your chances of getting your next job as an older worker by using our seven step guide.

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