4 ways to network in a large organisation

4 ways to network in a large organisation

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Here are 4 ways to network in a large organisation to easily build connections that will help drive your career success.

One of the biggest benefits of working in a large company is the chance to connect with lots of people. Organisations are aware of the benefits of a connected workforce. Groups have been setup around specific causes that provide a way for you to work on your passion and meet like-minded people. Find a leader to mentor you to develop your skills and build a strong relationship. Play a sport with colleagues to build connections. Don’t forget to volunteer at events.

Remember, networking internally is a key driver of your career success at an organisation (and it makes doing your job a lot easier). Take advantage of the opportunities provided to you.

1. Cause based groups help you network in your  organisation

Large organisations have internal cause aligned groups. These groups provide an excellent way to broaden your network and connect with like-minded people across the organisation. Working on your passion can also help to drive your engagement at work.

Look at Westpac Group. If you are an employee there they have nine Employee Action Groups (EAGs), each group is sponsored by a member of the executive.

Passionate about helping people with disability? Then join ABLE (Assisting Better Lives for Everyone): Advocates for customers and employees with disability or accessibility requirements.

In your twenties and looking to get more involved in the organisation? Then join the Youth Network: Unites aspiring young people across Westpac Group to help them reach their full potential and, in turn, develop our future leaders.

Want to help breakdown the glass ceiling for women? Then join Women of Westpac: Empowers the Women of Westpac to make confident career choices through education, information and networking opportunities.

How about at Woolworths? If you want to support creating a safe environment for the LGBTI community then join Proud.

2. Find someone senior to be your mentor (ask your manager)

Mentoring is a great way to build your career skills. Having an outsider you can talk to about challenges you might be facing can make a huge difference to your development.

Not only can you grow as a professional, but a mentoring relationship is a quick way to develop a strong bond with a leader who could then become your advocate. Senior leaders advocating for you are if you are going to get what you want.

A general rule to look for in a mentor is someone who isn’t in your team. In really large organisations you can look for someone who is two levels above you and one to the side (a separate team).

Your manager can be a good person to ask for help finding a mentor, in addition this has the added benefit of making you look proactive with your development.

Finally, organisations want you to have a mentor, so they often have informal mentoring programs where people list if they want to mentor or be a mentee.

3. Sport and fitness groups to network in a large organisation

Networking is building connections with people. A great way to quickly connect with colleagues can be at sport and fitness groups. Is there a lunchtime boxercise group, or a morning running club? These can be a quick way to connect with a range of people from different teams across the organisation.

4. Volunteer at events to network in a large organisation

Large organisations are often running or supporting charitable or large staff events. Volunteering at these events can give you a great opportunity to meet colleagues outside of your direct team and as a way to meet senior leaders.

Charitable events will have senior leader sponsors who may be more available at these events to build a connection with.

If you have a shared passion with a leader it can be a great way to quickly build rapport.

Start connecting now with these 4 ways to network in a large organisation

Working in a big company is a great opportunity to connect with lots of people. Who you know is a key driver of your success, therefore take advantage of the groups, events and mentors available to you.

Networking isn’t about going to awkward drinks nights. Participate in your organisation to build connections and share your expertise.