Hi, I’m Steve Kimmens, I founded my career habit to make professional development work for organisations, leaders and individuals.

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How to make professional development work

  • professionals need the motivation of a future that matters to them, and

  • the small, practical, consistent steps to be taken to make the change a habit.


Genuine professional development requires real change

Change that is forced on you or your team doesn’t work, especially for something as personal as professional development.
Proactive change is required, where individuals take ownership and accountability.


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Stop the mindless, tick-the-box professional development approach with your team.

It doesn’t work.

Finding what motivates your team will, supported by clear first steps and a culture of learning.


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Don’t wait for bad stuff to happen to you or to discover you’re stuck in a job (or worse a career) you don't like.

Take control now and own your career and professional (it’s easier than you think).
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